Paul Wedig

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Paul Wedig

United States

Paul Wedig grew up on a farm in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. As a child he was always drawing and his abilities were quickly recognized and encouraged by teachers throughout his school years. During this time, he was honored for his talents and skills with scholarship and achievement awards as well as publication of work in a local calendar.

Upon graduation from high school, Paul entered the United States Air Force in 1985 and held a variety of jobs, all far removed from the art world. However, throughout this enlistment one common thread remained: the love of art. Regardless of the job, his leisure time was spent developing his talent to draw and paint. Though out his military career Paul has been featured in military publications and has left his signature at Air Force Bases creating murals The Air Force art collections “The reunion” or commissioned to a painting for an organization. Then in 1995 a turning point in his painting came he was stationed in Arizona and was able to meet his favorite wildlife artist Ted Blaylock in his Studio in Scottsdale. He credits wildlife artist Ted Blaylock as the catalyst for his interest in painting.

As an avid outdoorsman his love for the outdoors is evident. All of the wonders of the great outdoors including mountains, wildlife cabins in secluded wilderness areas and rural country side are common thread in his paintings. He regularly visits the Yellows tone area and his parent’s farm in Wisconsin to spend times in the areas he loves which inspire him with new ideas for paintings. Photographing the outdoors is another one of his favorite pastime when he is not painting. Paul uses his images from his travels as a source of inspiration and resource for his paintings.

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