Chelsea Theodossis

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Chelsea Theodossis


She paints realistic images of ordinary things using oil on canvas to fully consume the beauty that she sees in it. She finds interest on the possible hidden messages on how these inanimate objects, who can't move by themselves, are left and placed in a certain way. She can't help but think that even lifeless things won't stay where they are and so does she. Things and humans vanish in flesh and in memory while the place where they spent most of their lifetime will still continue to exist long after them.

She paints to leave signs that she once lived, to make intangible things tangible so she could cling into the little things that makes her feel alive and herself, to still understand when words has run out, to try to solidify time because beautiful things end and memories fade.

She is now 28 y/o. Had over 23 group exhibitions in Philippines since 2015. Had her solo exhibits last Feb and March 2020. She has been one of the semi-finalists in Metrobank Art and Design Excellence 2018 and 2019. She has no formal education in arts or painting.

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