Marissa Oosterlee

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Marissa Oosterlee


Marissa Oosterlee (1981) is a Successful Award winning  International Artist from the Netherlands.

Her career started as an aspiring semi-professional cyclist, but due to a heavy accident that career came to an early end. This created an opportunity to pick up brushes and pencils again, to try and start up a new career. After one year of recovering from the accident and practicing art, she succeeded to become a professional artist. Art was a natural choice, as she painted ever since she was able to hold a pencil.

Over the following years, Marissa acquired worldwide attention with her hyperrealistic paintings. In these works Marissa creates her own reality, convincingly realised with realistic painting techniques.

She has been awarded several times for her work. In 2004, she won a national Dutch painting competition with her portrait of the Queen of Holland, this kick started her career as an artist and (former) illustrator for big game companies such as Jumbo and Constantin Film.

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