Kimberly Meuse

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Kimberly Meuse

United States

Kimberly is self-taught in her style of watercolor painting, after an introductory course in college where she studied Graphic Design opened the door to the wonders and challenges of the medium. The graphic design world focuses on simplifying messages, while Kimberly's eye consistently sought the finer points and sumptuous detail. After a decade of working in corporate design, she followed her heart to fine art and watercolor.

Taking watercolor painting from a generally loose methodology to create works that defy the confines of representational painting, she has surmounted the challenges inherent in water-based media to create exquisitely deep, rich paintings that have become a career-long passion.

As evidenced in her work, Kimberly perfectly articulates:

There is something calming, tranquil, absorbing about still life. The eye pours over the textures and lines, absorbs every nuance of hues and values, distinguishes the interplay of shadow versus light over the surface of a petal. Still life draws you in. It forces you to step forward and drink it all in. Details so fine that the trick is to determine if it's a photograph - and if not, how is it watercolor?

Kimberly is also acclaimed for her pet portraiture work, using an analogous style:

A similar theme applies to portrait work. Watercolor washes are layered to create the depth of detail that shine through walnut-hued eyes and patterned coats of fur. Attention to every line allows me to capture a moment and the character of my subject, telling a very personal story unique to each pet. Like with my still life paintings a bond is formed with my portraits.

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