Lin Yang

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Lin Yang

United States

I was never raised to be an artist. Two master’s degrees that I had could be associated with anything but art. But all of this changed, on one beautiful sunny day of October 2009. 

Accidentally I stepped into the building of the Art Students’ League, where Jackson Pollock’s painting hadn’t started dripping; where Georgia O'Keeffe’s erotic flowers were only seeding; where my journey of painting was embarking...

From a simple pure joy at the beginning, to tearing pain of struggle; then a rejoicing after the agony...The circle has been recurring non-stop...

I have been so lucky to learn from great painters: Joseph Peller, Mary Beth McKenzie, Costa Vavagiakis, Dan Gheno and Harvey Dinnerstein. During my studying, I won the Doreta Kesson Masterton Grant for year 2015.

I have been participated different exhibitions every year:

Won Ridgewood Art Institute award for Salmagundi Club Annual Open Exhibition, 2018;

Won 50 select works in the Portrait Society of America’s 21st Annual International Portrait Competition 2019;

Won Vice President Award for Salmagundi Club Figuratively Speaking 2020

Won 14th Annual ARC (Art Renewal Center) Salon Fully From Life finalist 2019-2020

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