Daniel Gonzalez

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Daniel Gonzalez

United States


Daniel Gonzalez was born in Phoenix, Arizona and spent most of his adolescence on a ranch in Double Adobe near the Southeastern border.  His father’s job as a rancher and scientist took the family from Virginia to California and places in between.  The time he spent on the Navajo Reservation as a boy left a strong impression and is often a source of inspiration for his work.  Daniel remembers sketching as long as he can remember.  His family and teachers encouraged his talents from an early age.   He is predominantly an oil painter, but enjoys exploring charcoal, gouache, and other mediums. 


He studied for and received his BFA in 2007 and most recently studied at the Juliette Aristides Fine Art Atelier in Seattle.  His portfolio covers a wide range of subjects primarily including portraits, landscapes, figurative and contemporary works.  Daniel’s passion for artwork has also led him to study ceramics, explore commercial artwork, and even illustrate a children’s book.


Daniel is compelled to create artwork here and now, bordering on urgency.  That drive comes from knowing that humans are not on this earth for very long and that what we do with our time and who we choose to spend it with matters.  Daniel knows that his artwork will live on after he is gone and feels that he owes it to his subjects and the moments that inspire him to make the most of this time.  This theme can be felt through his work and unique styles.


Daniel plans to continue his lifelong study of art and apply his training to his works founded in realism and imagined compositions alike.  He plans to work at his own atelier fueled by a love for teaching, creating artwork, and learning from masters past and present.  He and his wife have been on adventure all over the West for the last fifteen years and currently reside in Long Beach, CA.


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