Jana Büttner

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Jana Büttner


Jana Bu╠łttner (b. Austria, Salzburg 1997) is a Sculptor currently attending The Florence Academy of Art, Italy.

Jana began her studies of Fine Art as a child at the Musisches Gymnasium, Salzburg in 2008. Aged 14, she transferred to the HTL Hallein School of Practical Arts to pursue her passion for sculpting. The emphasis of the school is to teach students to hone their skills in a variety of mediums. There Jana learned to carve in marble and wood, work with metal and model in clay. She graduated from HTL Hallein School as a sculptor in 2016.

In the summer of 2015, Jana worked in the Gallery Schloss Wiespach, Hallein. There, artists from all over the world are granted studio spaces to work in for one month. Jana found herself working with sculptors like Gregoz Gwiazda, Debasish Bera and

Eudald de Juana Gorriz. Jana assisted de Juana Gorriz, an instructor at The Florence Academy of Art, in casting his figurative work. The Florence Academy of Art is the only school in the world which provides a three year intense sculpting program focusing on the human figure in clay. Working with Juana Gorriz confirmed Jana’s love of working with clay to render the figure and encouraged her to apply to The Florence Academy of Art where she has been a student since 2017. It was an immediate decision.

2020 she will be graduating from the academy.

Next to her academic studies, she also teaches figurative art in clay as an evening class at the academy next to her director Mitch Shea.

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