Viktorya Karapetyan

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Viktorya Karapetyan


Viktorya Nare Karapetyan is an emerging artist who tries to capture in her realistic works the condition of BEING human. Deepening moods and concepts such as uncertainty related to the unknown, the troubling question "what is after the earthly stage?” Many of her works are based on these questions that she asks herself and try to lead the viewer to reflect on it. Although she does not reveal truths, since she considers that this is not demonstrable, she tries with her works dialogue with the viewer about it, generate the mirror effect, try to be one in an instant

She believes that works of art are endowed with a certain aura or energy, the one that surrounds each artist and is reflected in their work. That energy is what the viewer can identify with at a certain moment in their life, thus generating deep empathy.
In addition to being an artist, she is a Fashion Designer, knowledge that she applies to the production of her works.
Her obsession with intangibility and perfection together with her elegant feminine sensitivity yield results of a work with depth and delicacy.

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