Where Echoes Meet by Ruth Fitton

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Ruth Fitton

Where Echoes Meet


50.8 x 71.12 cm | 20 x 28 in

Oil on linen

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($8,000)

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

“I had the good fortune to be born and raised in Yorkshire, England. My childhood memories are filled with visits to the moors; the scent of bracken and heather, the invariable bad weather. I have never tired of the feeling of space and freedom found only on the top of a hill, staring towards a distant horizon on a day which is so cold and overcast that there is no one to be seen for miles.

“This piece, Where Echoes Meet, is about breathing in that exhilarating bleakness, the clarity of the cold air, and the peacefulness of solitude amidst the ancient rocks of the Yorkshire Moors. The ‘Echoes’ of the title are both literal and metaphorical. It is one of those places where you can feel the vast weight of time.

“It had to be a figurative painting. My experiences with the moors are always about my interaction with them and the effect they have on my mind. I am a part of the landscape, not a separate entity. I want the viewer to look at this painting and feel themselves a part of that landscape too.” – Ruth Fitton