A Kept Memory by Jane Manco

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Jane Manco

A Kept Memory


71.12 x 55.88 cm | 28 x 22 in

Oil on canvas

  • Honorable Mention / Still Life

“Memories play a profound role in assembling and designing a still life. It is through reflection and manipulation of objects that a story starts to reveal itself. The meaning of memory is unique to the individual. Whether it is aesthetic symbolism or autobiographical, memories are personal. A strong vertical line divides the composition and the hat becomes the main focal point. The Quaker bonnet, well worn by time, depicts the beautiful curve of the brim and the deep pleats at the back of the hat. The books and spectacles anchor the base of the stand. These objects are bathed in a natural light that casts a solemn mood over the arrangement. The viewer is left to contemplate this moment in time.” – Jane Manco