Nayade by Nicolás Fasolino

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Nicolás Fasolino



120 x 80 cm | 47 x 31 1/4 in

Oil on linen

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($15,000)

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

“Before entering the lush forest, he said a short prayer and asked the great Spirit of Nature for permission. Searching for the stillness he could only find there, the man sat on a large rock covered in moss and lichens that peeked out like little eyelashes. In the silence, protected by the dense foliage, this lonely man felt peace. The frigid morning breeze carried with it the perfume of wildflowers and dead leaves dampened by thousands of magical nymph tears. When he looked at the tiny pool he saw her, a beautiful and delicate Naiad on the shore, blessing and purifying the waters. In an instant, that figure disappeared, like a dream that is extinguished with the morning song of the birds. The Naiads are nymphs, female spirits from Greek mythology. They are protectors of the fresh waters of rivers, streams and ponds, they represent the Spirit of Nature.” – Nicolás Fasolino