Passion for Color by Evgeniy Monahov

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Evgeniy Monahov

Passion for Color


100 x 100 cm | 39 1/4 x 39 1/4 in

Oil, tempera and marker on canvas

  • Best Nude ($250 Cash Award)

“She laid down on the paint-splashed floor of my studio, similar to one of Jason Pollock's creations, took one of the paint cans and with a bold movement threw it against the wall.. When a person reaches a dead end and does not see a logical way out of the current situation, there is always a chance to rely on God's will, fate, chance, luck - everyone can choose a word according to their faith.

“At such moments life becomes like a painting. Because sometimes painting is like the life of a gambler, you can rely on the system, logic, reason.. and not win, but you can just throw paint from a can into a canvas or wave a wacky flourish with a marker in the night after an unsuccessful session and suddenly understand where to move on. This is the eternal movement of the two - the mind is bored without the detachment of chance, and chance, in turn, will break its neck without the timely help of logic.

“A month and a half later, when the painting was finished, my beautiful model was full of new ideas and aspirations, for the sake of this it was worth painting.” – Evgeniy Monahov