Pneuma - Portrait of Eve-Marie by Brianna Lee

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Brianna Lee

Pneuma - Portrait of Eve-Marie


60.96 x 45.72 x [*] cm | 24 x 18 in

Oil on panel

  • Honorable Mention / Portraiture

Pneuma - Portrait of Eve-Marie is a portrait of Eve-Marie Bilodeau, a contemporary gallery owner based in Palm Springs, CA. This portrait was painted as part of a collaboration for PoetsArtists Creator and Muse exhibition, where artists were selected to paint portraits of other artists and important figures in the art world.

When I met Eve-Marie, we instantly connected over our love of the landscape and nature. Eve-Marie had expressed early on of her love for the beauty of Palm Springs and her spiritual connection to the desert. The shawl wrapped around Eve is one of her own creative design and I enjoyed the contrast of the geometric floral pattern against the natural flora around her. When painting Eve-Marie gazing into the warmth of the sun kissed landscape, I imagined the grounding and invigorating connection we all feel when we are immersed in nature. 
A repeating theme in my work is using the landscape or environment around my subject to reflect their interior world, so it felt fitting to paint her portrait where she feels the most connected to herself and to nature. After all, portraiture is not only about capturing the physical likeness of the individual, but also of their personality and spirit (pneuma, the title meaning spirit).