Drawing Creative Pathways with Patricia Watwood

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Drawing Creative Pathways with Patricia Watwood

11 April, 2024 to 13 April, 2024

The Bo Bartlett Center
Columbus, GA

Drawing is one of the foundation practices for art for many reasons. First, it is simple and approachable: a pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper is all you need to begin. When we bring the point of the pencil tip to the paper we focus our attention on the present and begin the process of entering a flow state. Next, the skills of drawing teach us organization, simplification and means of expression with a mark, a line, and a tone. At a small scale we can enter a whole universe of understanding. Last, we create space for our thoughts and imagination to emerge in our work.

Three Day, six session drawing workshop with ARC Living Master Patricia Watwood:

1. Intentions: Rituals of Beginning
2. Finding Flow State: nature, embodiment, sources of wonder
3. Nurturing Personal Vision: creative compost, visualization
4. Obstacles : meet your Monster and build strong habits
5. Model Session: understanding subject and gesture with a clothed figure model
6. Composition sketches and tools