Painting from Life Workshop with Max Ginsburg

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Painting from Life Workshop with Max Ginsburg

18 July, 2018 to 27 July, 2018

Flemish Classical Atelier
38 Mariastraat, Brugge, Vlaanderen 8000

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The purpose of this workshop is to develop skills for traditional realistic painting. The approach will be alla prima painting from life concerned with careful observation of the forms forms that are seen.   Instead people see and paint the large basic forms, first working for design, proportion and gesture and then develop the smaller forms.  Throughout the development of the painting students are constantly observing the unique forms of the model.  Students paint what they see, not what they know because the forms are always unique.  Seeing the relationship of values and colors are most important in this workshop.  As the painting develops students see and discover new and different relationships that are part of reality.

A longer demonstration, about 2-3 hours will be given the day before the workshop, not during the workshop on July 15! All students should take note of this and prepare. Exact time of the demo will be emailed to registrants with the final workshop instructions.