Grand Central Atelier - Architectural Ink Wash

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Grand Central Atelier - Architectural Ink Wash

04 June, 2018 to 08 June, 2018

USD 650

Grand Central Atelier
46-06 11th Street, Queens, NY 11101

Artists will be guided through the approach and technique of ink wash and the development of an architectural drawing from life over the course of five days. Daily individual critiques will be aimed at satisfying the goals of each artist. Linear perspective will be discussed at length as it pertains to simple geometry and the constructed environment. Discussions on composition, aesthetics, value hierarchy and line quality will be continuous throughout.

This workshop will be held outdoors at Bryant Park focusing on the New York Public Library. On rainy days, the workshop may be held in the studios at Grand Central Atelier. Students will be notified in advance.

Materials list is accessible via the link at the bottom of this page.