Grand Central Atelier - Elements of Landscape Painting

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Grand Central Atelier - Elements of Landscape Painting

16 March, 2018 to 18 March, 2018

USD 425

Grand Central Atelier
46-06 11th Street, Queens, NY 11101

Working in the controlled setting of the studio, Emilie will guide artists through composing an imagined landscape, from sketch to grisaille to finished painting. Work by traditional landscape artists will be on hand for reference as we learn about common patterns found in nature, optical illusions and how to avoid them, and the use of atmospheric perspective. We will also discuss how to use compositional elements that will lead the viewer's eye through the painting and how to create the illusion of depth. Traditional practices such as glazing and scumbling will be taught at the final stages of the painting. 
Finally, endless enthusiasm and advice about finding inspiration and actually painting outside will be rained down upon you, including what Emilie's learned about painting while camping, road tripping, traveling in airports, and being prepared for a spontaneous painting session in every-day life!