Atelier Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy - Still Life Painting

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Atelier Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy - Still Life Painting

02 July, 2018 to 27 July, 2018

USD 3150

Florence Academy of Art
Via Aretina 293, Firenze, Fl 50136

The workshop covers the issues of composition, drawing, values and color through the vehicle of making a modest scale still life painting in oil. Studies are executed in both charcoal and oil paint. Students work in an environment of natural north light, utilizing the methodology of The Florence Academy to create a uniquely individual Still Life developed in a step by step approach: selection of material, composition, charcoal sketches, value and color studies, preliminary painting and final paintings. Students also learn about supports for painting, pigment selection and the fundamentals of color mixing, the use of mediums, the sight-size method of drawing, and the use of basic tools for drawing and painting. Aside from general information, all instruction and critiques will be on an individual basis.

“… why should the earnest student overlook the simplest and most thorough way of acquiring all the knowledge of the craft of painting and drawing, the studying of inanimate objects, still life painting, the very surest road to absolute mastery over all technical difficulties. Once learned it applies to all painting, all drawing…”
– Emil Carlsen, Palette and Bench, 1908