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11 June, 2018 to 17 June, 2018

EUR 800

78, Rue Raspail, Bois-Colombes, 92270

June 11 > 15, 2018

This five-day intensive workshop with internationally acclaimed sculptor Julia Levitina will focus on creating a life-size clay portrait sculpture from life. It is an opportunity for working artists as well as for new students to immerse themselves in a traditional study of a portrait head from a sustained pose held by a model for a week.

There will be an emphasis on observation and basic anatomy as they relate to portrait modeling from life, understanding and blocking in abstract shapes in order to ultimately create a life-size likeness in clay. The class will offer demonstrations by Julia to illustrate her methodology, as well as individual critiques to assist students in meeting their personal goals.


Week-end June 16 > 17, 2018

This optional intensive craft workshop gives students an opportunity to preserve the life-size portrait sculptures they have created by making a mold and casting it in a permanent material suitable for exhibition.  Students will produce a traditional plaster waste mold that will then be used to cast their sculptures in plaster.  Resulting plaster cast will be refined to look like the original clay that can be photographed and exhibited.

Gaining insight into ages-old craft of mold-making will allow for deeper understanding and appreciation of the craft of sculpture utilized by the Greeks, Michelangelo and Rodin, all the way to the modern times.  Ability to create a mold is an important lifelong skill to sculptors who wish to be in charge of the entire process of their creation or when collaborating with foundries and mold-makers.

The class will offer detailed explanations and demonstrations by Julia as well as individual assistance to students in order to arrive at a successful end result.