Basic Drawing Workshop

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Basic Drawing Workshop

12 February, 2018 to 12 February, 2018

EUR 110

Academy of Fine Art Germany
13 Daimlerstraße, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, HE 61352

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For whom is the course?

It is suitable for beginners and advanced and is particularly popular for tattoo artists, illustrators, designers and architects.

What do I learn in this course?

The teachers of the Academy of Fine Art Germany teach the participants the important basics in drawing. This also includes a deeper knowledge about different materials, learning how to handle them and how to deal with them correctly. Questions are answered, such as e.g. how do I sharpen my pens and what degrees of hardness do I use for what? Or: Does my drawing have to be sealed with a fixative?

Finally, when the participants start to draw they will learn a method called Sight-Size. This method is also taught to our students. It is used to transfer the correct proportions. Our teachers will demonstrate this and the participants practice it at the beginning with simple drawings.

To create 3-dimensionality, ways are shown to see block shadows and transfer them to the drawing. For this, training the eye to see correctly is a very important process which will come through practising. An understanding for values, light and shadow as well as forms are key subjects you will learn in this workshop.

How is the process?

The workshop is a step-by-step process guiding the participants systematically through essential techniques and methods. Starting simple but also pushing the participants to overcome their bondaries so that they really progress in their work

At the beginning, the participants will work from copies that make the understanding of the method and the transfer easier. Later on, real still lifes and sculptures are drawn to get a feeling for an object in a room.

The one-day workshop will focus on understanding the Sight-Size method. Depending on the interest and status of the group, individual topics can be considered there.

What do I have to bring?

The following materials must be brought by the participants themselves:

  • Different Graphite Pencils from H2 to 6B
  • Fabriano (25 sheets DIN A 3 White Ecological Artist Paper) Or Canson Paper DIN A 4 neutral tone (white or cream)
  • Kneading (eraser) rubber, sharpening block (sandpaper), crepe tape

Further information:

The workshops takes place from a minimum of 5 participants to a maximum of 15.

You can find cheap accommodations here: Bad Homburg Tourism oder Airbnb