Portrait Drawing from Life with Artistic Anatomy & Composition

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Portrait Drawing from Life with Artistic Anatomy & Composition

04 December, 2017 to 08 December, 2017

USD 1375

Florence Academy of Art
7 Via Fratelli Bandiera, Firenze, Toscana 50137

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 Course instructor, Janne Jääskeläinen, is a Florence Academy graduate and former Director of Anatomy and Ecorché Sculpture. During each morning session, Janne will cover a wide variety of topics related to portrait drawing including basics of pictorial composition, the structure of the skull and facial features, understanding light and form, controlling focus, and the specifics involved in composing each individual facial feature. The progression of daily topics provides the students an understanding of how to render a convincing portrait from life and at the same time guides them in intelligently designing their drawings by careful selection based on the live model, anatomy and composition tools used by the old masters. During the afternoon sessions students will then apply the newly acquired information and skills while drawing a portrait from life using the sight size method of measurement and charcoal and white chalk..