SmArt School Full Mentorship With Donato Giancola

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SmArt School Full Mentorship With Donato Giancola

13 September, 2017 to 20 December, 2017

USD 2500

Smart School

Donato Giancola offers nearly unparalleled insight to professional practices and techniques within the freelance marketplace.  Extensive critiques, lectures, and presentations on painting and narrative image creation will be covered in these intensive work sessions as well as discussions covering business experiences - from contracts to self promotion to client negotiations.

This course allows artists wishing to develop their pictorial image making skills to do so under Donato’s direct tutelage. Group and individual critiques are welcomed and cooperative development is fostered as a means toward resolving visual solutions. Traditional and Digital media are equally accepted for specific assignments, or from professional and ongoing work in progress presented to the class for criticism and growth. 

​ Donato will work with individual critiques of specific assignments as well as periodic formal lectures on topics relevant to the production of polished professional art and illustration.
10 Student maximum ​