The Flesh Tones Workshop in Netherlands

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The Flesh Tones Workshop in Netherlands

29 March, 2021 to 02 April, 2021

EUR 980

Dutch Atelier of Realist Art
17 Pascalstraat, ?2014 KZ , Haarlem, NH

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All levels are welcome to this 5-Day Flesh Tones Workshop for Oil Painters with Art Renewal Center (ARC) Associate Living Master, Tina Garrett. Tina started oil painting in 2012 and shares with her students the practical methods she uses in her award-winning portraiture to help artists make the best paintings they have ever made. Tina is a two-time ARC Salon Purchase Prize winner, three-time Oil Painters of America Online Showcase awardee, an International Artist Magazine People & Figures Grand Prize winner, and a proud Cecelia Beaux Forum Mentor for the Portrait Society of America. Students who have struggled with creating accurate skin tones and painting flesh that looks alive and breathes will love this workshop!

Throughout this 30-hour master class, students will study flesh tones in multiple lighting scenarios including varied complexions and ethnicities, 'underwater’ light, and painted faces. Tina will demonstrate at least three starting methods: Accurate Color Wash, Open Grisaille, and Value Block-In each morning, and students will paint from the life model each afternoon, with individual critique and one-on-one guidance from Tina offered throughout.

Tina will share her practical strategies to creating an accurate color palette, understanding values, temperature and how they create form, as well as two simple techniques for accurate drawing. Students will focus intently on the creation of an accurate palette. Tina will demonstrate the processes she employs in all her works, focusing on composition, values, chroma, edges, and mark-making. Additionally, she will demonstrate how to control your palette for accurate values and color and give key strategies for portrait artists, including detailed instruction on client contracts and relations, PR/marketing, social media, and how to price your work.