The Atelier hosts Mary Pettis' "Landscape Master Class" - Workshop

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The Atelier hosts Mary Pettis' "Landscape Master Class" - Workshop

31 May, 2019 to 02 June, 2019

USD 500

The Atelier
1621 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN

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Hosted by The Atelier, this workshop by ARC Living Master, Mary Pettis, is especially designed to inspire and inform artists who have a working knowledge of oil painting and are now ready to move towards more personally expressive and masterful paintings, particularly in the art of landscape. Embracing both classical principles and proven plein air techniques from the greatest contemporary schools of thought, Mary is devoted to helping painters open their hearts and minds to their artistic purpose; to give them the advanced tools and exercises that will guide them on their path. Mary will provide insights into: composing the landscape forms in a simple and direct way, maintaining a powerful expression from the first 12 minutes on; the secret of accurately capturing light and atmosphere; when and how to edit the abundance of outdoor information to create a true impression of sentiment through choice of tone and colors, specifically; how to avoid the pitfalls of making your painting too formulaic, illustrative or tight-looking; tools, tips and a method to perfect the outdoor oil sketch: your "notes to yourself!"; a means to create your own curriculum to carry you forward.