NEW! Portfolio Preparation For Emerging Artists Week One: Figure Drawing in Graphite

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NEW! Portfolio Preparation For Emerging Artists Week One: Figure Drawing in Graphite

01 July, 2019 to 08 July, 2019

USD 499

Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art
340 North 12th Street, Suite 500, Philadeldelphia, Pennsylvania

Art schools - whether specializing in fashion design, animation, film, illustration or fine art - all seek student portfolios that display comprehensive drawing skills and life studies.

This workshop focuses on the study of the human figure utilizing graphite pencils. Students will work from the live nude model posed in artificial light. Gesture, light and shadow separation, anatomy, and form modeling will be acutely studied. Students will receive demonstrations on each stage of drawing, lectures and handouts on human anatomy, and individual, at-easel critiques.

All levels of proficiency are encouraged to take this workshop, which aims to promote excellent drawing skills, and a comprehensive study of the human figure.


Students will be given a demonstration on the fundamentals of graphite drawing. The various materials (pencils, papers, erasers, etc.) and their handling will be discussed and students will work on 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, and 20-minute gestures for the duration of the morning.
The afternoon will start with a brief lecture on the basic anatomical landmarks of the human body. A demonstration of a 40-minute pose (how to return to pose after the model takes a break) will occur. Students will work on one pose for the afternoon.


Students will begin Tuesday with some warm-up gestures (five-minute poses) and then the long pose will be set. Students will be shown the considerations an artist makes when setting a pose and lighting will be discussed. A brief talk on single figure composition and page placement will occur. During the afternoon students will work on getting an energetic gesture and simple light and shadow block-in. The instructor will draw alongside and with each student.


A demonstration and discussion on “keying” in graphite drawing will take place in the morning. There will be an explanation on the proximity and orientation of the light source and how it relates to the direction of shading with the graphite. Students will strengthen their shadow shapes and place their dark accents. They will then begin laying in their large areas of dark light. During model breaks talks about the various zones of human anatomy (head, torso, pelvis, legs, etc.) will help to strengthen students understanding of the shapes they are seeing in the figure.

During the afternoon students will continue working on their long poses. They will continue to strengthen their dark lights and begin working their way up to their lighter areas using harder graphite and their anatomical understandings.


Continued rendering of form. Smaller forms will be considered. Anatomy will continue to be discussed and reinforced as required. The instructor will continue to demo alongside students and work one on one with each student on their drawing.
During the afternoon students will push forward with further rendering and describing smaller and more accurate forms. Emphasis will be placed on making sure they keep the shadows and lights clearly separate as the overall form gets more developed and darker.


On the final day of the workshop, there will be a discussion on the elements of “finishing” and what that means to each artist. A discussion of texture (microforms) and how to best represent them in graphite will be had. In the afternoon students will finish their drawings and should wind up with a beautifully rendered portfolio piece.