NEW! Still Life Painting: Representation and Abstraction

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NEW! Still Life Painting: Representation and Abstraction

17 June, 2019 to 21 June, 2019

USD 599

Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art
340 North 12th Street, Suite 500, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Students will expand on their existing representational painting skill sets by incorporating abstract design elements.

These elements, to be examined closely, are tonality, colors, shapes, and paint textures. They are the same tools realist painters utilize to convey the sense of form and depth, among other information. Our goal, and task, is to balance the representational with the abstract elements through close examination and thoughtful experimentation with the oil paint medium so that the painting can reflect more fully students' artistic temperament.

Under the instructor's guidance, students will do series of tonal, color and composition studies throughout the week. They also will see how painters past and present balance representation and abstraction - two seemingly opposing and intertwined entities - to create the visual impact they want by observing and discussing these artists' work.

Exercises range from one hour to multiple days in length. Instruction includes individual critiques, demos and an evening of group discussion and slide presentation.

This workshop is best suited for students with basic skills in painting/drawing and want further guidance in their artistic direction. The workshop's success depends very much on the participants' comfort and willingness to experiment with the oil paint medium and take risks they might not normally take in their own studio practice.

An evening discussion and video presentation is planned. Time and date to be announced.

Instructor JaFang Lu received the 2012 Leeway Foundation for Art and Change Grant. She holds a Bachelors of Art from the City College of New York University.