Drawing the hand and foot: anatomy, construction, appearance

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Drawing the hand and foot: anatomy, construction, appearance

28 April, 2019 to 02 June, 2019

AUD 900

Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism
49A Whitmore Square, Adelaide, SA

The hands and feet are often neglected parts of a figure drawing or painting. By attending this primarily drawing workshop you will learn the fundamentals of how to draw the hand and foot. The focus is on anatomy (bones and muscles), construction: form, structure, and gesture, and drawing the appearance of the hand and feet - how to put all the knowledge together to make a realist drawing, painting, or sculpture. There is a sculpture session for the construction of the foot. The workshop will be of enormous value to beginning students and realist artists wanting to paint, draw or sculpt the human hand and foot with confidence. Rob Gutteridge, the Director of the Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism, will teach this course through demonstrations and one on one teaching at the easle. The studio is equipped with a range of anatomical models, plaster cast ecorches and classical sculptures of hands and feet, and 2 life size skeletons. The high quality of teaching is maintained through the small number of students admitted to each workshop (10 students maximum). Full sets of photocopied notes will be provided for every student as part of the course content. Upon completion, students will take home a series of research drawings they have made, and photocopied notes which will inform their private paractice in their own studios. They will be able to draw the hand and foot, from life or imagination, with confidence and competence as a result of participating in this workshop. Students at any level are welcome.