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Next DVI Video Released

October 13, 2016

The Da Vinci Initiative is proud to introduce a new online Bargue Drawing course titled Charles Bargue in the 21st Century. This course takes you from start to finish in creating a drawing from a 19th century Bargue plate. This week they have released Lesson 4, on Notional Space.
The DVI is using Patreon, a subscription service, and the sale of the course though its website, to finance the expense of producing high-quality video courses in order to provide broader access to training for students who are eager to learn atelier skills. Your patronage ensures that all students have access to this essential knowledge.
Patreon and purchasers through DVI will gain access to additional tips and tricks videos with additional educational footage. Patreon subscribers will also gain access to the weekly footage one day in advance of the general public, or the entire course with additional footage can be purchased in totality now through DVI by clicking here.

To see the first five videos in this course, please visit Patreon to subscribe, or come to the DVI YouTube channel for the first four videos for free now.

To make a donation to The Da Vinci Initiative, click here.