New ARC Living Artist™ Faripour Forouhar

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New ARC Living Artist™ Faripour Forouhar

May 16, 2014

Faripour Forouhar's home is in New England but he grew up in the high mountains of Middle Asia. He travels to the Rockies, Alps and Andes and the shore lines in the USA and Europe yearly for his painting.
The End of the Day by Faripour Forouhar
He studied painting in Teheran University School of Fine Arts during college years. Later, he studied with the late Edgar Whitney from Pratt NYC and completed courses in The Grand Central Academy of Fine Art, NYC. He shares his experiences with other painters regularly. He is a scholar in the field of art and visual perception and has a deep interest in the evolution of painting throughout history.

He is an exhibiting artist in the following organizations; the New Britain Museum of American Art, elected exhibiting artist of Rockport Art Assoc., North Shore Art Assoc. Oil Painters of America, Beaux-Arts Realiste, Canada, Gallery on the Green, and the New Britain Art League.

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