Congratulations to Mary Jane Q Cross

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Congratulations to Mary Jane Q Cross

October 25, 2013

ARC Associate Living Master™, Mary Jane Q Cross, has recently won Best in Show in the IGOR Annual Exhibition for her painting titled "Gently Letting Go".

Accompanying the 48 x 36 inch oil painting Cross wrote the following poem which was part of the experience in the enjoyment of the work:
What stone in this life can you not hold
Visions self serving as we grow old
Leaving us drained of meaningfulness
Hollowed out with emptiness

Soften, yield then gently let go
The troubling pebbles from which we sow
Burdensome presumption of ours alone
That weights the heart as heaviest stone

Give to God the open hand
Laying down encumbrances, to solemnly stand
He pours through your fingers, to full overflow
Fulfilling desires that you did not know

Until you let go of what you perceive
From Him the best you cannot receive
So...soften, yield then gently let go
That His perfect gifts may into your life flow

Gently Letting Go by Mary Jane Q Cross
Like ARC, IGOR was founded with promoting contemporary artists who paint realistically using traditional painting techniques.

To learn more about the International Guild of Realism and our Other ARC Allied Organizations™, click here.

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