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Become an ARC Living Master

April 5, 2013

We wanted to share with our viewers a letter that was sent to us in response to Sotheby’s Hong Kong featuring four paintings by ARC Living Master™ Han-Wu Shen at their 20th Century Chinese Art April 6th auction. Sotheby's included a large write up on the artist, his relationship to ARC Chairman Frederick Ross and the Art Renewal Center:
That's great news about the Shen paintings in the Sotheby's auction! I hope the bids exceed expectations and the inclusion in the auction will draw more interest to his works.

I bought one of the paintings he first did after immigrating to the US. The ARC Living Master program and Shen's inclusion in it played a significant role in my final decision to buy a painting at such price levels.

Bill Freeto

Han Wu Shen
Turn Back Time (Lot 549)
To read the Sotheby’s catalogue notes or to view the sale, click here.

It has never been a better time to become an ARC Artist/ Living Master. Our current artists are enjoying further success in their careers from the exposure they receive from their gallery on ARC. A significant number of artists have reported receiving major commissions and invitations for prominent gallery representation as a direct result from their online exhibit at the Art Renewal Center ARC has become the "go-to" standard for galleries seeking the finest living artists in the world.

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