ARC Museum: 12 New Images Added

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ARC Museum: 12 New Images Added

July 18, 2009

Twelve new works of art have been added to the ARC Museum so far today, including pieces by the following artists:

Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky
Nikolai Bogdanoff-Bjelski
Isaak Izrailevich Brodsky
Sir William Russell Flint
Konstantin Yakovlevich Kryzhitsky
Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev
Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky
Mikhail Vasilievich Nesterov
Vladmir Donatovitch Orlovsky
Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov

More new works of art are scheduled to be added today.

This post will be updated throughout the day as more images are made available, so check back soon!