Copper Plate Etching Workshop with FAA Founder Daniel Graves

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Copper Plate Etching Workshop with FAA Founder Daniel Graves

Published on June 20, 2024

Masters of Line is a unique opportunity to learn the theory and practice of copper plate etching under the guidance of FAA Founder, Daniel Graves. With over 50 years of experience in the medium, Graves provides invaluable insight into this intricate art form. The course is studio-based with regular demonstrations and intensive hands-on work and it takes place in The Florence Academy of Art’s renovated etching studios - newly equipped with five state of the art printing presses!

While ideal for beginners, this workshop offers substantial value to those with prior etching experience, covering both fundamental techniques and advanced processes involved in creating high quality works.

Students are introduced to all aspects of line etching, learning to prepare the ground on copper plates, and the processes of biting, proof-printing, and plate correction. They finish the program with at least three completed plates and the technical skill to create more in the future. 

The workshop will take place from September 9 - October 4 at The Florence Academy of Art, Via Aretina 293, Florence, Italy.

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