Portrait Sculpture from Life with Piper von Paris

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Portrait Sculpture from Life with Piper von Paris

Published on May 25, 2022

Over this five-day workshop at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art, students will methodically examine the structure of the head and neck through a series of group demonstrations and individual practice coupled with instructor critique.

Students will learn how to capture likeness of a live sitter using classical concepts and traditional methods. They will gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy, geometric planes, and natural proportions of the form. Working in the round helps to develop the eye as students broaden their methods for analyzing both the subject and personal technique.

Key concepts will include artistic anatomy, geometric planes, proportion, and major and minor forms.

This workshop is open to all skill levels and no prior sculpting experience is required. The concepts covered in this course are applicable to figurative art at any level regardless of medium, and thus beneficial to beginners and professionals alike. Tools and armatures will be provided for the duration of the course. There will also be a limited supply of tool sets available for purchase for those interested. The work you produce is yours to take home.

Piper von Paris is a classically trained figurative sculptor, specializing in portraiture and figurative art. Her passion for representational art began at an early age and led her to train with renowned artists throughout the UK and US. She holds a deep appreciation for anatomy, geometry, and rhythm of form, which she believes are paramount to accurately capturing a subject in the round.

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