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London Atelier of Representational Art

371 Clapham Rd, London, United Kingdom

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The London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) was established in response to the rarity of rigorous representational art education in the UK. LARA teaches the fundamentally important aspects of drawing, painting and sculpture from life through the "sight size" method and uses a specific approach designed to teach the essential concepts of proportion, line, gesture, form and light.

Inspired by the atelier method of instruction, LARA offers a unique training with sustained poses of no less than two weeks and up to one month, giving optimum time to observe and understand the figure. LARA believes "To successfully draw from life, one must first understand how to see".

A half day is spent drawing or painting from the nude model, the other half the cast, still life, or portrait model. Each project lasts a minimum of two weeks. Class numbers are limited to no more than 26 and all tutors are classically trained working artists implementing a highly structured style with regular critical appraisal.

LARA welcomes part-time and full-time students, with courses running from one-week intensive workshops to three year full time training. The school also offers weekend classes and holiday schools to aid those with additional commitments.

LARA recognises that students learn at different rates and will arrive with different levels of experience. As a result the approach is flexible, all levels of ability are catered for and teaching is tailored to individual requirements. For further information about the courses please view

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Founded 2008
Course languages English
Part-Time Instructors 18
Full-Time Instructors 3
Accommodation No

Part time: EUR 2360 / year

Full time: EUR 10150 / year

London Atelier of Representational Art

371 Clapham Rd

London, United Kingdom

Old Man by James Napier

Jose by Anastasia Pollard

Clown by Anastasia Pollard

The Abandoned Soldier by James Napier

Alain by Giles Lester

2 Hour Portrait Sketch by Valentina Zlatarova

David Charcoal Figure Study by Valentina Zlatarova

LARA Figure Room