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Edward Burne-Jones


, Aesthetic painter, illustrator, designer and tapestry designer

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Dear Madam,
If I felt certain about my skill in portraiture I would say yes at once - but my confidence is slight.
I have painted two or three portraits only in my life - and they have been for friends - and they have been gifts too so that they could not well be returned upon my hands - as they perhaps deserved to be.
And I have dismissed from my mind all idea of success in a branch of art that carries with it so much chance of chagrin & disappointment.
I wish I could undertake this for you because your selection of me is a great compliment but I feel uncertain of myself - and my ideas of portraiture are exacting.
Would my advice be of any service to you? If so, would you call one day and bring your little daughter with you.
I could see you on Saturday after about 4 or on Monday at the same time.

Believe me

Yours most truly


Credit: Don Kurtz