Adolphe Yvon

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Adolphe Yvon

French Orientalist painter

Born 1817 - Died 1893

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student of

teacher of

  • Hone II, Nathaniel (1831-1917)

worked for

  • Melingue, Georges Gaston Theodore (1840-1914)

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156 Rue dela Taur
Passy, Paris
Dec. 6th, 1872

Dear Sirs,
According to the terms of your letter dated 5th this month where I am invited to send a list of the works I did for the Municipal buildings. I am pleased to let you know that I have the photographs of the 4 historical work I painted for the Hall of the Sonseil Municipality of Paris.
(1) Clovis posted on the flag (pavois).
(2) Philippe August entrusting his children to the Municipality of Paris.
(3) Francois 1st laying the foundation stone of the Hotel de Ville of Paris.
(4) The Emperor Napoleon III entrusting Mr. Le Baron Haussmann, prefect to the Seine, with the decree of annexation of the Suburbs.
Please accept, Dear Sir, my distinguished compliments.

Adolph Yvon

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Adolphe Yvon

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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