Marcel Andre Baschet

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Marcel Andre Baschet

French Academic painter, draftsman, portraitist and pastellist

Born 1862 - Died 1941

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student of

teacher of

  • Bouchaud, Jean (1891-1977)
  • Lartigue, Jacques Henri Charles au (1894-1986)
  • Plasse, Georges (1878-)
  • Vaillant, Pierre Henri (1878-1939)

[Regarding the Societé Artistique des Amateurs]

                   March 26 1929

            Dear Sir

Please accept my apologies for replying
so late.
  I will be very pleased to attend
the sessions of the jury for the exhibition
of the Societé Artistique des Amateurs,
and accept with pleasure your
kind invitation for lunch.
   With my best
devoted wishes,

           Marcel Bashet

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz