Virginie Demont-Breton

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Virginie Demont-Breton

French Naturalist artist

Born 1859 - Died 1935

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daughter of

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Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Montgeron, 20 Feb 1895

Dear Mr. Pretet,
You would be very kind in sending me a small word informing me how the installation is going for the Salon de l'Union des femmes. You know that everything should be imperatively finished for the 26th since the official opening will be on the 27th and all the invitations have been sent. I have been received at the Elysees by Miss Lucie Faure and she was very gracious with me. I am receiving naturally, many letters of recommendations for the placement but I don't want to complicate your job, the more so since the more interesting are usually not those who insist. I am sending only one to you, it is issued from Mr. Boyer of Agen (he is publishing in "Figaro"), husband to Mr.s Boyer-Breton, he would like the two standing portraits of his children, exhibitied by his wife, would be placed in pendant, it should be easy to satisfy him and I am countin on you for that. It is in the best interest of the Society that he is pleased. I shall come on the 26 to see the room.
Please accept my best wished together with my thanks for your help.

Virginie Demont Breton

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz