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Ksenia Antonenko



  Ksenia Durnovó is a contemporary figurative sculptor who works in the traditional technique. She was born in Moscow, Russia in 1982. Before becoming a sculptor she worked as an artist, illustrator and animator at mosfilm studio and various publishing houses. She graduated in graphic design in Moscow in 2007. Her career as a sculptor began when she moved to Florence, Italy in 2013. Since 2018 Ksenia has been a resident sculptor at ''Thor studio" in Florence, which was founded by FAA alumnus Thor Larsen.

  Ksenia Durnovó collaborated with art performers and contemporary artists including Marie Sauvage and Ellen Sheidlin. Together with Ellen Sheidlin she created the sculpture '' My confused thoughts'', which was exhibited at the student hotel in Florence as part of Ellen's solo show '' Comprehended by Fantasy'' in 2021.

  In 2021 Ksenia was accepted into the sculpture program at FAA as a second year student, where she continues her education.

  Ksenia currently lives and works in Florence, Italy where she raises two her daughters, Elvira and Magdalena.

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