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César Orrico


César Orrico was born in Logroño, Spain in 1984. He obtained his licentiate degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2007, receiving an Honorable Mention in the National Licentiate Award and supplemented his specialization with postgraduate studies in Art Creation and Research. Starting from that very moment, Orrico began to work in sculpture making the representation of the human being the center of his artistic universe. Motivated by the creation of a language of his own in the framework of contemporary figuration, in 2009 he developed his first sculptural project after receiving a grant for artistic production awarded by the foundation of the writer Antonio Gala in the city of Córdoba. Interested in the naturalistic treatment of the body, his first works evidenced a profound anatomical and compositional knowledge, foreshadowing what he was to develop subsequently during his entire career.

One of the most outstanding qualities of César Orrico’s works is the sensuality conveyed in the movement of his figures, endowed with a portentous kinetic energy, emanating from the tension contained in the bodies and the hands of his models. The strength and the dynamism of the body in these depictions contrast with the serenity of the facial expressions. This duality gives rise to a profound and extremely intense dialogue that seduces observers and leads them to explore the diverse aspects of human experience and the transition between different states of mind. In essence, César Orrico presents figurative art full of symbolic value where his sculptures transport us to a mystical and spiritual world, in which the rituals of ancient cultures come to life. A world in which man and nature achieve a transcendental and almost magical relationship. Throughout his artistic career, Orrico’s sculptures in bronze have been characterized by faithfully representing the contained intensity of an action on stage, transforming the movement of the body into an interior vibration that envelopes all of the space. His work pays homage to antiquity, embracing themes impregnated with myth, history, and legend, creating figures from which a yearning for spiritual transcendence emanates in a world where nature and man come together to form a perfect symbiosis.

Over the last few years, his work has been singled out for recognition in world-class competitions. In 2019, he received the Jean Asselbergs Prize from the Taylor Foundation in Paris and won First Place in Sculpture in the 15th International ARC Salon, as well as First and Second Place Sculpture in the 16th International ARC Salon, United States. Also in 2022, his work was awarded the Mariano Benlliure Sculpture Medal. In 2023, he received the Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture in Madrid. Orrico has participated in outstanding individual and collective exhibitions in cities in America, Europe and Asia, with a particular presence in the United States, France and England. His work has also been shown in contemporary art fairs and salons of recognized standing such as Context Art Miami, Art Wynwood, LA Art Show, Hamptons Fine Art Fair, New York, London Art Fair, or ST-ART, Strasbourg, and his works have been included in public and private collections around the world.

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