Robins Egg Blue by Jeffrey Weekes

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Jeffrey Weekes

Robins Egg Blue


50.8 x 40.64 cm | 20 x 16 in

Oil on canvas

  • Best Trompe L'oeil Runner Up
  • ARC Purchase Awards ($3,500)

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

Robins egg blue… It's a color that stops us in our tracks if we are out walking, usually because we either see a fallen egg shell or if we are lucky enough, we get to see the fresh and vibrant color while they are still in their shells. More often it is the former. The nest was abandoned on my property and before I cut the tree down I was inspired to take the nest and create a soft scene with natural elements that I thought might embrace the atmosphere for creation to take form. Though I cannot take credit for the building of the nest, which in itself is a piece of art, I loved putting together the scene. I then waited for a few eggshells to fall my way and instead I was informed of a nest that hadn't seen their owners for many weeks but had left their eggs unattended and abandoned. I took advantage of this rarity. I see this colour as a symbol of fertility, creation of new life and new beginnings.

The concept was to recreate a scene of innocence; where the beauty of the natural world surrounds us and embraces us, to allow the ebb and flow of the ever changing world around us to unfold. With the foundation of the nest resting within a gnarled branch, perched atop a sturdy rock, in bed amidst the moss and fallen branches of the nearby forest, these soon to be hatchlings are perfectly surrounded, ready to enter into a brave new world! Nature’s embrace.