Duel by Adriaan Pannebakker

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Adriaan Pannebakker



90 x 380 x 90 cm | 35 1/4 x 149 1/2 x 35 1/4 in


  • Honorable Mention / Sculpture

The sculpture represents a struggle intrinsic to human nature. A search for one’s own path, for the unity and inner truth despite the presence of conflicting forces. When a person stands up to this internal challenge, he not only has to confront his own ego, self-criticism and self-sabotaging thoughts but also other people’s expectations and external pressures. This inner battle is all about self-determination and a desire to shape your own future. Rather than being tied to the whims of fate, one takes his life into his own hands. The abandonment of the old self for the self that will become. Embracing and transcending fear and turning it into courage, character and self-confidence is something one can do by overcoming - oneself. A duel with oneself, when victorious, can eventually lead to a state of self-acceptance with a better self to walk away from it.