Dustin Adamson

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Dustin Adamson

United States


Dustin Adamson (b. 1987) is an emerging American artist trained in the classical tradition of painting and drawing. Dustin has a strong interest in the art and techniques of the old masters, from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century. After graduating in 2010 from with Distinction from San Diego State University, he began to study figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture with Justin Hess and Alicia Ponzio and human anatomy with Noah Buchanan. After studying for several years in the SF Bay Area he moved to New Jersey to study at the Florence Academy of Art US.

During his studies at the Florence Academy, he received a work scholarship and was given numerous awards for excellence, including an award for Best Painting from all three branches of the school. In his last year at school he also was given the position of Student Teacher, the first one at the FAA US branch.

Dustin is now working in his studio in the New Jersey area.


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