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Terry Ward

United Kingdom

Based in the UK, I have been painting portraits and still lifes for a decade. My works have hung in major open exhibitions both in the UK and internationally. Having been classically trained in ateliers which carry out the same principles as those in Florence and France for centuries, I practise art by direct observation from life.

When I first started art training after a long career in business management, I was attracted to it by its representational ability. In the early stages of my training, oil had already become my favourite medium by far. At the time, my work was much influenced by Russian art as my private tutor was from St. Petersburg Academy of Art. Despite the encouragement to draw and paint in a more interpretative, impressionistic, and looser manner, I found myself becoming more and more drawn towards classical realism art. The luminosity of flesh tones, the subtlety of light transitions, and the exuberance of silk clothing in museum paintings have always captured my attention for hours.

So I attended The London Atelier of Representational Art and, subsequently, The Barnes Atelier of Art in London to receive intensive representational art training. Although these vigorous skill based trainings take many years for one to master, the approach to drawing and painting which favours order, beauty, harmony and completeness is exactly what I am attracted to.

My drawings and paintings have been accepted and exhibited at a number of reputable institutions both in the UK. and internationally. They include Art Renewal Center at New Jersey (USA), The Royal Society of Portrait Painters at The Mall Galleries (London), Royal Institute of Oil Painters at The Mall Galleries (London), The Royal Scottish Academy of Art at Edinburgh (Scotland), The Royal West of England Academy of Art at Bristol (England), and The Artist Magazine (Nottingham, UK). I received a number of Honourable Mentions and awards from these competitions. My picture has been selected to exhibit at European Museum of Modern Art (Barcelona) and Sotheby’s New York with the 14th ARC Salon Competition.

I am now practising art at my studio, producing portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. Creating classical, traditional, realistic images that touch upon universal and timeless themes never ceases to inspire. No matter what the subject matter is, I would like to see that my pictures should always evoke feelings and thoughts with the viewers.

Website: www.terrywardfineart.com

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