Jianwu Tan

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Jianwu Tan


Tan Jianwu was born in Hunan, China, in 1971, and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Hunan Normal University, a professional painter and currently lives in Beijing. He is a member of the American Portrait Painting Association, a member of the Chinese Artists Committee of the Ministry of Culture, a member of the Beijing Oil Painting Society, and the president of the New Representation Oil Painting Salon. His work advocates a neoclassical style and focuses on portraits. In 2017, he won the first place in the custom portrait category of the 13th American Portrait Association.

Personal publications include: "Realistic Portraits - Anatomy of the Mysteries of Oil Paintings" and "New Figurative Oil Painting Salon 2016 Collection".

His work is published on the cover of American Portrait Magazine, the cover of Popular Painting and Calligraphy, the cover of "Baobao Art", "Spain 2018 Contemporary Art Yearbook", "International Artists", "Art", "Art Newspaper", "Chinese National Art", "Chinese Young Artists" and other professional art publications at home and abroad, as well as the "Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Masters" commemorative postal book, stamps, and telephone recharge cards issued by China Post.




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