Turbulence by Arezou Nik-Ahd

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Arezou Nik-Ahd



104 x 60 cm | 40 3/4 x 23 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($8,000)

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.

I have always been interested in the various shapes of the clouds and the sky and I wanted to depict them all in my paintings as they really were.

In thought, I was associating the anxiety between the clouds and range of the sky at the very moments before a storm, with the anguish and anxiety existing among the people who are creating a new season in their lives, all in this painting, "Turbulence". 

In “Turbulence”, my younger sister sat as the main model, and I tried to express the anxiety and turbulence between the clouds warning of a sudden storm in my subject's face and also in the clothes and the sheets waving in the violent wind. 

My painting is a sense of a sudden change, an approaching transformation, and a reflection of what's going on inside one's soul.