Morning Reflections by Stephen Jesic

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Stephen Jesic

Morning Reflections


43.5 x 38.5 cm | 17 x 15 in

Acrylic on Baltic birch

  • Honorable Mention / Animals

I always like to show animals or birds interacting or showing their natural behavior. In this case, Morning Reflections depicts a magnificent scarlet macaw preening itself in a very intimate setting. Perched in the upper canopy, I wanted the rainforest scene to surround this vibrant stunningly colored bird, with bromeliads and moss-covered branches glistening in the morning light. The macaw and foreground being so vibrant in color required a quieter softer rainforest backdrop to balance the composition, giving the painting a greater depth and tranquil negative space. The interplay of light and color was demanding, but a sheer joy to paint.