Sisters (On a Rainy Day) by Mark R. Pugh

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Mark R. Pugh

Sisters (On a Rainy Day)


106.68 x 121.92 x [*] cm | 42 x 48 in

Oil on board

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Portraiture

I wanted to capture a moment of quiet closeness between two sisters. I don't believe there are any relationships quite like siblings, particularly when young. There is a sort of unfiltered closeness, a bond that is simply taken for granted, without question. I left the girls' emotions just under the surface so that the complexity would show through. Rather than one clear emotion, many would emerge. As the term “sisters” can mean any two of a pair, every object in the painting has a “sister” object: books, window pains, chairs, roses, and even visible legs on the side table.