Dauntless by Cynthie Fisher

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Cynthie Fisher



111.76 x 71.12 cm | 44 x 28 in

oil on canvas

  • Honorable Mention / Animals

On my 18th trip to Africa in 2017, I was hoping to witness a crossing, with wildebeest and zebras swimming across the Mara River in Kenya to gain access to fresh grazing grounds. After several attempts, I finally watched a zebra herd retrace their steps back across the river towards my position. As they plunged into the raging river and braved the crocodiles, I was amazed at their juxtaposition and energy as they swam for their lives, collecting on the near shore and anxiously calling for their herd mates. 

I chose many different animals in my composition, including the younger, red mare. I felt that I had captured the movement and dynamics of a few individuals in this herd.